> Experts: No duty for laughing teens to rescue drowning man
It may be reprehensible and morally outrageous, but legal experts say a group of Florida teens had no obligation to rescue a drowning disabled man who they instead mocked, laughed at and recorded on a video that was later posted online. Supreme Court ...
> B.I.D Quality Award for the Dubai Tower & Turner Construction
Turner Construction Company, one of the largest and most important construction management companies in the United States, is in charge of the project management of the impressive Burj Dubai, or Dubai Tower. On January 4, 2010, the world's highest building was inaugurated.
> North Korean travel ban marks return to Cold War-era restrictions on US citizens abroad
U.S. citizens have long been able to visit North Korea as tourists, but that will soon change. On Friday, the Trump administration announced that it was planning to bar U.S. tourists from traveling to North Korea next month. The move coincides with ...
Fox News
USS Fitzgerald collision: Crew 'should have spoken up' before accident, official says
Fox News

Crew members aboard the USS Fitzgerald "should have spoken up" long before the American warship collided with a massive cargo vessel off the coast of Japan last month, U.S. officials said on Friday. "There were many people who should have spoken up," ...


Quality loves Innovation
DBTM, at the forefront of technology, now B.I.D. Quality Awardee
Winner of the BID prize for Quality

The Design Bureau of Transport Machinery, BID International Arch of Europe Quality Award,  is Russia’s leading company for the cosmodromes “Plesetsk” and “Svobodny” and for the launch vehicles of the “Kosmos”, “Tsiklon”, and “Zenit”, among others, as well as submarine-launched ballistic missiles.


CBS News
Chester Bennington's death echoes that of friend Chris Cornell
CBS News

NEW YORK -- Fans were devastated to learn that Chester Bennington, frontman of Linkin Park, had died, but even more tragic was the fact that Bennington's death came so soon after his good friend Chris Cornell killed himself in May. The two passed away ...


New York Post
Tennessee inmates offered less jail time in return for vasectomies

(Reuters) - A judge in Tennessee is offering inmates at a county jail reduced sentences if they agree to undergo a free vasectomy or birth control injections, drawing fire from opponents who say the program violates fundamental constitutional rights.
5-Year-Old Fined for Setting up Lemonade Stand

LONDON — A 5-year-old girl was slapped with a nearly $200 fine for setting up a lemonade stand on the street near her home in East London. The girl was happily selling small cups of lemonade for 65 cents and large ones for $1.30 to people streaming by ...



Wealthiest family of Asia
Reliance, BID Quality Award and pride of India
BID Award for Quality company

Reliance Industries is the largest conglomerate in India and is ranked 206th in the Fortune Global 500 List.

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